Good Things

This a post of random good things so please forgive the lack of segway between items.

While stopped at a light on the way home tonight I saw something that really made me smile. A young man in his late teens, early twenties got out of his car to let the person in front of them know their tail light was out. Or at least that’s what I think he told them. He got out and went to the car in front of him and pointed in the direction of the lights and got back in his car. He didn’t have to do that. But he did.

I have silly friends at work:

OK. So I have silly friends who aren’t at work to but the picture is from work.

May 5th I’ll be here. It’s been a while since I cooked chili on a regular basis and even longer since I’ve had to go to a cook off by myself (I miss cooking with you, Dad!). I’m a tad nervous and really excited. A friend is coming later in the morning to be my moral support and general go-fer. It did seem a little silly for her to get up at pre-dawn to sit around and be bored in what is typically a cool and dreary morning. But by mid morning it usually clears up nicely and turns in to a gorgeous day! If you’re going to be in the area, come on down! There’s also a nearby Strawberry festival. See why I need a general go-fer? Someone needs to bring me stawberries and cream while I’m slaving over a hot stove.


3 responses to “Good Things

  1. CHILI COOK-OFF?! Darn…I may have to make it this year! I ALWAYS make the Strawberry Festival…on Friday that is!

  2. You go girl. I’m going to tell everyone to go vote for you. I get sucked into Strawberry Festival every year (Thing 1 and 2’s school). I’ll give you one of my tickets for a shortcake since you’ll be stuck at the cookoff all day 🙂


  3. Wow, hope ya win!!! Is your chili a dad and daughter recipe?

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