various items

Yesterday I made this:

it’s a camera cozy for my new lovely camera I got for Christmas. It’s in the Irish Hiking scarf pattern. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it since I have this:

A very much more sturdy and protective camera case.

I finished my Manos Moebius:

It’s not long enough to double around my neck but if I should ever need to rob a bank or something it’ll do just fine.

OK, more than likely I’d need it in brrrrrr cold weather or windy (or both) but I mean you just never know about the whole bank thing. It’s good to be prepared ya know?

Here’s a close up of the Manos all worked up. I just LOVE this yarn. Lucky me I have a smidge over a skein left too to find something wonderful to make with it.

Lastly, I’m finally making the 2nd lumberjack sock. Since it is Wendy’s toe up sock pattern, I thought I’d show it to you a la Wendy.

Well, sorta, I don’t have any bears of the proper size but I thought my lion would do.

Hope y’all have a good week!


2 responses to “various items

  1. Very handy-of course you could also be a ninja!

  2. Your Moebius is lovely..the yarn..yumm..Manos is just gorgeous stuff!! I’ve made several and used the SWTC Soy Silks..they flow nicely but would not work for a bank robbery..giggles!! Happy Knitting~~

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