My finished Fetching Mitts.

This would be why you shouldn’t wait til the end of the day when everyone is feeling a little silly before getting a friend to take pictures of your HANDS for you. In case you were wondering, I was saying “hands!” because I noticed she was focusing in on my face. And that is my desk at work 🙂


5 responses to “Mitts

  1. Cute mitts! Love the color!! Everyone who takes a picture of me gets me with my mouth open! Maybe that should tell me something?!

  2. Oh those turned out so well. I’ve liked seeing Fetching & the Irish Hiking Scarf as they are both on my ‘to do’ list. Your FO pics make me want to drop what I’m doing and start on them. Fooooocus! Fooooocus!

  3. Great mitts! And is that a little bit of knitting peaking out of your purse behind you in that picture? 😉

  4. You are about the cutest thing EVER!! Loved talking to you the other night. catie

  5. Beautiful Mitts..and ‘Kitties’ too..Good luck with your new endeavor..just save ‘some’ time for knitting~~

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