Irish Hiking scarf in pictures

As mentioned, I finished my Irish Hiking Scarf. It’s about 50 inches long. Here’s a full picture of it:

and a close up. It’s not the best on stitch definition but it’s a pretty true color:

I was at Mom’s because she helped me steam block the ends. Wick, her cat, came in to see what I was doing in “his” bedroom:

This is what else Mom and I did. We wound hanks in to cakes. These were my two and we did 6 hanks for her. She’s getting ready to make a sweater. After a little practice, we found we could wind a hank right under 6 minutes. And for the record, we weren’t timing ourselves but we had 6 min left on the timer for dinner and wound a cake while waiting for the timer.

Wickie going “Are you STILL here taking pictures?!”


One response to “Irish Hiking scarf in pictures

  1. Love that scarf…AND the color is FABULOUS! Don’t you know you are not supposed to *rock* a cats world?!

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