OK, here are some pictures for y’all:

one finished sock. This is the sock I’ve been working on (well, I had it almost finished until recently) since early summer. Ack! Yes, I do plan on making it’s mate.

My Irish Hiking Scarf so far. Very simple and very beautfiul. Not that I’m biased or anything…

A close up

Finally, a photo of what we all did this week. And those are my legs they’re laying on. Here in my house, we LOVE our wool blankie…

OH, I almost forgot, I finished Pat’s scarf! But like Dad’s hat, pictures will be delayed until they reach Texas.


2 responses to “Pictures!!

  1. Love that Irish Hiking scarf…I’ve been thinking of making that for hubby! Look at those cute kitties…and so comfortable!!

  2. I, too, love the Irish Hiking Scarf. I want to make one. What yarn are you using for it?

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