but I didn’t want a vacation

Well, this week I took a little time off. 4 days to be exactly. Did I have anything fun or exciting planned? no. Did I do anything fun or exciting anyways? No. (well that’s debatable but I’ll get to that). Did I PLAN this “vacation”? NO. I have some kind of icky general run of the mill virus.

Monday was fine. I felt fine, went to work and everything. Tuesday I felt very very uggy and stayed home. Since Wednesday was almost a carbon copy of Tuesday I’ll combine those days, I slept during the morning – MUCH to the delight of Bartholamew who as he gets older gets lazier and these have been cold mornings, what would be better than curling up with Mom in bed for say 3-4 extra hours?? The afternoons have been spent dozing and resting on the sofa with intermittent blog reading and sweater pattern perusing. (Hmm, is it really a good idea to try to find a sweater you like under the influence of cold pills and a virus?) The evenings are much like the afternoons but with maybe a little knitting going on. And less blog reading. Seems to be people don’t usually blog multiple times a day…

Today, today was different though. Bound and determined to go to work, I got up. I put my pants on. I eventually got my sweater on and fixed my hair (I use that term – fixed – VERY loosely). I sat there a tired miserable cold wreck and called in again. Then I struggled to stay awake til the doctors office opened at 8 when I called to see if I could still get flu medicine. About 1/2 hr later the very nice nurse called me back with more questions for me and said I may have to go in for a flu test but she’d see. 3 hrs later she called me back to tell me I’d have to come in. A few minutes later, a girl from appointments called me to give me a 345 pm appt.

At that point in time, I got dressed again (what? you didn’t REALLY think I stayed in work clothes all day did you?) and went to the store for more juice and bread. I couldn’t have been gone more than 20 minutes. By the way Bartholamew acted when I got home you’dve thought I had been gone for a week!!

So, I go to the doctors and they give me a flu test. For those of you lucky enough never to have had one of these it’s not nice. They stick a very long cotton swab up your nose til they hit your brain then swirl it around for a while. UGH.

But the good news is, I don’t have the flu. The bad news? I just have a general run of the mill virus. And a note for work with strict directions to stay home tomorrow too…

And now that you’ve read all this boring icky stuff, I don’t even have pictures for you. I have no finished projects to share. No new “OH! I have to make this” items. Nothing. I’ll make up for it soon somehow…

Now, I think I’ll go put my jammies back on and curl up on the sofa. With my cats. Who I wonder if they secretly planned this so they’d have me here to snuggle with and sleep on all week… heathens…


One response to “but I didn’t want a vacation

  1. Hey…you can’t get sick! I hope you are feeling better very, very soon!

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