bad picture monday

I was a busy girl on Saturday. I went to run a few errands then went up the mountain to hang out with mom. I felted a purse for my boss.

Mom and I sat around knitting and looking at knitting patterns and just visiting.

Yesterday, I was in the mood for a new project so I cast of for these. OK. I actually swatched and my yarn doesn’t match the gauge for the yarn it calls for. I could’ve gone up a few needle sizes but I think that would’ve made for some very holey socks and I kinda like my socks warm. So, I got to looking about and found these. Gauge is good, yarn is a little odd to work with, pattern is super easy to remember and I’m working on socks. No, I haven’t finished the other ones yet but, hell, its my yarn I’ll do with it what I want! Luckily, I had the yarn it calls for on hand. Sometime this spring I bought it thinking I was going to make a steering wheel cover for my Dad (or socks) and well, socks it is.

It’s not the best picture but there it is.


One response to “bad picture monday

  1. LOVE that color of blue! I’ve been eyeing that pattern too!

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