Because I like pictures too…

Here’s a dischloth I designed myself for some friends of mine for Christmas. I doubt they’ll see it so I thought I’d share. It went very quickly and I’m right proud of it. 🙂

It’s a simple square stitch cloth. I changed the colors every 10 rows and cast on maybe 36 stitches. In hindsite, I think I would’ve made it a little wider but all in all I like it.

I really miss daylight in the evening to take dishcloth pictures with. Flash just doesn’t do justice for dishcloths. I know, there are the weekends but when I finish it on Tuesday and want to take a picture, I can’t wait til Saturday.


2 responses to “Because I like pictures too…

  1. It’s very cute. You know I have never used a handknit washcloth Im going to have to knit one and check it out.

  2. Pretty dishcloth! I love knitting them, well at least for the fact that they’re so quick. My hands get tired of knitting with inelastic cotton, though….

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