vacation dishcloths

Wow, ok that last post was a long one. This one will probably be long too but is mostly pictures.

I took a bunch of dishcloths down to Texas with me as gifts for my friends and family. I pretty much got all of them done that I wanted to. Although some were done on site while otherwise being lazy.

A large handful of people got various colors of Texas:

Dad and Pat not only got a Texas but a Virginia:

I made a Colorado, South Dakota and Arkansas (however, I forgot to take a picture of Arkansas)

These were made for several other friends (and yes, that is an Alien Head):

These two I made on the flights down there and back home:

I got most of the patterns here. They were all easy to follow. I started another cloth with a cowboy hat on it but it’s not done yet.

And that is what I knitted on my vacation. 🙂


2 responses to “vacation dishcloths

  1. Those state ones are so kitschy cute!

  2. They look very nice. Here we don’t use things like that, I never have seen them before.
    By the way, there is a envie at the way to you.
    Wish you a nice weekend.

    Your secret pal

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