Link list and WIP update

I’ve added a list link to the sidebar. I did this for several reasons, one being it’s always nice to see what (or who) people are reading. Also, if I find something on the web that I’d like to have I’ll add it to that list too. That way if my secret pal gets stumped there are more ideas there.

Now, I must get back to knitting. I’m going on vacation at the end of the month and have a few things that I need to have done to take with me. Some as gifts (so they will remain mysterious until later) and some for me to have. Like a hat… thing. It very much reminds me of one of those Survivor Buff’s. I have something similar to that and love it out in the desert (and it came in very handy at a race once too!). So I’m knitting a Gunner’s Cap. I’m using wool and a denim blue and natural color. I’m looking forward to having it to keep the ol’ noggin warm on those cool nights and in case it gets windy again like it was a few years ago. I haven’t decided what kind of tie I want to make yet. I kinda like an i cord but being wool, it’d be fun to felt it or I could felt a braid or just braid it or… I don’t know. I’m open to suggestions…

this is how it looks now. I need at least 10 more inches I think…

Pepper and Bartholamew don’t much care. All they’re concerned about is staying warm and dry – and asleep – on this chilly rainy fall day. I’d call them silly kitties but honestly, curling up and sleeping on days like this is right nice.


2 responses to “Link list and WIP update

  1. Hi girl. I’ve been looking at your blog, lots of good here. I guess I could get better at mine since you linked to it.


  2. aww they look so peaceful when they’re sleeping…..

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