It really was a good Tuesday. Despite feeling less than wonderful yesterday, today started off pretty good. Work went well, went to my basket weaving class.

I finished the other basket and made this one. All in about 2 hrs!

I found some more info (thanks to the secret pal blog) and I think I actually got buttons. 🙂 They show up in the preview so I’m hoping they’re really there.

And I’m actually going to go to bed at a reasonable time.


2 responses to “YEAH!

  1. Your basket is beautiful! And so are your buttons! I was one of the others that couldn’t get the buttons up. Mine are up now, but for some reason they aren’t clickable. Can you tell me how you entered the address? Great job! I’m looking forward to SP9!

  2. cool basket, my best friend basket weaves, where do you buy your reed?

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